“I started drinking from a young age just because it was there. My mom and dad drank pretty regularly, so I thought it was normal. They went through it so fast they never noticed that any was missing. Dad was into beer and whiskey while mom liked wine and vodka.

It started out as me trying a little here, a little there. That’s when I decided I liked the way it felt. I was a hit at all the high school parties because I’d bring a bit of my parents stash. Of course, I’d be the main taste tester of all beverages, and I’d let loose and have fun.

This really started to affect my grades by my senior year, and around Christmas time I had alcohol poisoning. I had to get my stomach pumped. That’s when my parents found out I had a problem and that they did too. Alcoholics Anonymous helped us as a whole family. We found each other again, and we’ve never been closer. As a family, we have been sober for five years, and it’s thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous.”

–    Misty, 22

“My story is pretty average. I was the kind of guy who came home from work and needed a beer, you know? So I had one or two. Or three or four. Or a whole six pack. It turned into me drinking any time I wasn’t at work which really cut in on my time being an actual father or husband.

Eventually, my wife had enough and told me to shape up or get out, and I listened. I didn’t want her to take my daughter away, and I recognized that I wasn’t do anything else with my life than drinking and work. Alcoholics Anonymous helped me find sobriety and keep with it, and I’m glad to have been sober for the last decade.”

–    Brad, 46