At Alcoholics Anonymous our primary goal is, of course, to spread the message of recovery to all addicts still suffering. This is because people need to know that they can succeed and that they are supported.

Alcoholics Anonymous has been helping people for many years, and we aim to continue that progress. Our long term members have a history of sobriety that goes ten years or longer. This is because having support and a place to hold yourself accountable can really make all the difference.

We have meetings every morning and every evening available to those who need it. This is important to help people find ways to fit Alcoholics Anonymous into their work or life schedule. Many people go to two meetings a day when they first start out. Then they taper to two a day, and eventually as needed. Everyone is different.

Bowling Night

There is a monthly bowling night where we all get together and rent out a bowling alley and bowl to our heart’s content. Nothing like a bit of competitive sport and chili-coated hot dogs and fries.

Having fun doing other events is also a great distraction if you’re new to Alcoholics Anonymous. Free time can be your worst enemy at first because that is when your cravings really start to hit. Come try out our bowling night and see if you have any fun. We guarantee that you will.

Animal Shelter Volunteering

It can feel good to give back to your community. It is also proven that spending time with animals can improve your mental health. We mix the two by volunteering to take shelter dogs on fun walks and adventures to get them out and stretch their legs. Come take a dog or two and let’s go on a walk with them.