One of the reasons group addiction therapy is so helpful is that it fulfills the human need for connection. Those with alcohol addiction often drive off the ones that care about them, and when they finally get help, there’s no one to share that with.

Alcohol addiction can lead to extreme isolation and loneliness, which is why group therapy is so helpful. It gives people that bit of human connection they need to feel grounded. It can also provide support where they otherwise might have none.

Knowing that other people have similar issues too is also an excellent way to let people know they are not alone. Everyone makes mistakes, and they are no different.

Our group therapy meetings are led by a licensed counselor in treating alcohol addiction. Usually, everyone introduces themselves as a way of beginning and having everyone feel comfortable. They may say a little snippet about why they are here or what they have overcome.

The goal of the counselor is to help everyone learn how to interact with each other and the most effective ways of living their lives. This is a great place to unload your struggles or problems and look for advice outside of your perspective.

Sometimes people have gone through similar things which can give particularly good advice. Talking through it can really change how you react to a situation.

Research has shown that using group therapy or support groups to help with recovery increases chances for long term success. It’s a great place to get support and feedback and even meet new people.

Sometimes keeping the old people in your life isn’t helpful as they can be triggering or unsupportive and put you in bad situations. Having people in your life who follow the same values can really assist in your recovery overall.

Morning Meditation

We offer morning meditation on Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s open to the public and a great way to meet people and also connect with your spiritual self before starting the day.

Finding an inner calmness and focusing on you and your body and your needs is shown to really help the rest of your day. How you start off is the benchmark for everything else that follows. We want people to feel safe and secure in themselves.

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