alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is known to be a real issue to your life and health. It is when you drink too heavily far too often, to the point of it affecting your life. If you drink alcohol regularly and binge drink it when you do this can be alcohol abuse. This can end up affecting your daily life and work.

Drinking alcohol regularly can lead to alcohol dependency, where your body feels you need it to function. You can also end up drinking too much.

Examples of alcohol abuse include:

–    You drink 7 drinks a week or more than 3 drinks per drinking session (for women)

–    You drink more than 14 drinks a week or more than 4 drinks per drinking session (for men).

–    You have more than 7 drinks a week or more than 3 drinks per drinking session(for men and women older than 65).

–    Drinking this much alcohol harms your health, relationships, work, and/or causes legal problems.

Symptoms of alcohol abuse include:

–    You have tried to stop for a week or more but can never make it past a few days.

–    You can’t stop drinking once you start drinking.

–    You recognize that you should stop drinking or cut back.

–    You can’t perform properly at work or at home because of your drinking.

–    You feel guilty when you drink.

–    Others are telling you that you have a problem when it comes to drinking.

–    You feel annoyed by this criticism of your drinking habits.

–    You have a drink in the morning to get yourself going after drinking too much the night before.

–    You have physically hurt someone else or yourself because of drinking too much. This could be due to accidents or violence.

–    You try to hide your drinking or your alcohol.

–    You have blackouts and memory lapses constantly when you drink too much.

–    You are depressed.

–    You have gotten traffic or driving tickets while under the influence of alcohol.

–    Your drinking is interfering with your relationships with friends and family.

–    Your hands are shaky all the time.

Alcohol abuse can also cause lots of issues with your body’s physical health. It can cause liver disease, heart disease, and cause you to gain weight or feel dizzy, and other factors.

The cause of alcohol abuse varies per situation. Some people drink because of feeling pressure, trying to relax or to help manage anxiety or depression that they already have.

How Is Alcohol Abuse Diagnosed?

Doctors say that people might be abusing alcohol if they do the following:

–    Alcohol use gets in the way of work, school, or home.

–    Alcohol use puts your or other people in danger, if because you get violent or attempt to drive.

–    Alcohol use has led to legal issues.

–    Alcohol use can harm your relationships.

Generally, alcohol abuse has a strong effect on your life, and that is when people recognize that they might need help to stop.