Alcoholic Anonymous Center in St. Paul, Minnesota

The city of St. Paul has always needed a center in their community to help combat alcohol abuse. It is often overlooked in today’s party culture, but alcohol abuse is still ruining people’s lives and livelihood.

We are here to provide resources and a gathering space for those who need it. Alcohol addiction can drive off everyone who cares about you and leave you lacking in support when you need it most. That’s why we have our center to help those who need it to find friendship and caring.

Support groups really do help when it comes to things like alcohol addiction.

There’s a reason Alcoholics Anonymous has continued on for so long and has helped so many people find success in their recovery. It is our goal to spread the message of recovery to every addict who is still suffering.

We are a nonprofit here to help people who need it. We believe in giving ourselves up to a higher power and examining ourselves and our faults. The 12-step program is very useful in helping alcoholics take back their lives and make amends to those they have hurt.